Bad news for people who use lack of time as an excuse not to make it to the gym because now all those hours on the plane can be put to good use by working up a sweat with a Les Mills class.

Air New Zealand and Les Mills have teamed up to offer in-flight workout sessions.

Travellers on Air New Zealand flights can access a series of stretches, exercises and meditation techniques on the inflight entertainment system.

The partnership officially launched yesterday.

Air New Zealand Senior Manager Customer Experience Niki Chave says the it is all about leveraging the professional expertise of Les Mills trainers to enhance traveller’s in-flight experience.

Chave says the focus is on customers travelling in the Economy cabins.

“We understand the challenges of flying – some customers want to relax and unwind, while others need to stretch and move their bodies while at altitude. The team at Les Mills has crafted these movements specifically for Air New Zealand customers so they feel refreshed and ready to enjoy their destination,” Chavi said.

Les Mills Creative Director Diana Mills says her team jumped at the challenge of designing simple and effective movements specifically for aircraft travel.

“It’s not about doing burpees and tuck jumps in the aisle. This all about demonstrating low-impact, carefully designed stretching and relaxation techniques that anyone can do discreetly in their seat to effectively alleviate any symptoms associated with travelling,” she said.

“Our trainers travel frequently and understand the importance of staying active in the air, so you feel as fresh and relaxed as you can to take on whatever adventure awaits you.”

The workouts will be free to all customers as part of the inflight entertainment system. They include adaptations for Economy and Business Premier seats.

Travellers will also get a 10-day free trial of Les Mills On Demand.