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What to expect from your Milford Sound Cruise

Whether you’ve arrived into Milford Sound under your own steam via the Milford Track, or ridden the exciting 950m (3100ft) final descent from the Homer Tunnel to sea level by bus, we’re sure you’ll agree it is a magical place….

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History of Machu Picchu

History of Machu PicchuArchaeological evidence uncovered around the site suggests that the area was first used for agricultural purposes back in 760 B.C.The war of Vilcambamba Pachacutec in 1440 established the first settlement at the site. It was called the…

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10 Quick Facts about Machu Picchu

1. Longitude and Latitude Machu PicchuMachu Picchu’s geographical position is 13.1631° S, 72.5450° W. It’s located 74.7 kilometres (46.4 miles) from Cusco. See How To Get To Machu Picchu 2. Size of Machu Picchu3. Temperature at Machu PicchuDuring the warmer…

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Reflections on Seven Months of Stillness

Physically, the key I dangled from my finger was little more than an intricately cut, nearly weightless piece of brass. But as I looked down at this particular sliver of metal for the last time, it felt like much more.I…

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5 Different Ways Travel Opens Our World

5 Ways Travel Opens Our WorldTravel TipsNo matter what your reason for traveling is, there’s no denying that travel can change a person. I’m certainly not the same person I was when I started traveling more than five years ago….

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Aloha Therapy: My Secret Oahu Trip in Five Senses

Have I ever told you guys that I’m like, the worst secret keeper in the world? Sure, when it comes to someone confiding in me about their secrets, I’m a lock-it-up-and-throw-away-the-key kind of girl. But the second I have a…

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Decadent Days in the Palm Springs Desert

As a pretty recent convert to the cult of California, there are almost endless options of new destinations for me to explore in the Golden State. Yet still, when planning out my two weeks there last fall, I was itching…

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9 Ways to Become a Successful Blogger

OK, still here? Hi! Thanks for sticking around. I don’t write about blogging often because this is a travel website not a blogging website, but I’ve seen a lot of articles on travel blogging lately, which have many points I…

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Blogaversary Year Five: Facts and Figures

Last week, I celebrated five years of travel with a big ‘ol look over my shoulder at the last twelve months of border hopping. Today, I’m switching gears and celebrating the other big anniversary that rolled around this month –…