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Exploring Viñales: Farm Life In Rural Cuba

Exploring Viñales, CubaViñales, CubaViñales is a small town located on the Western tip of Cuba. Set in a beautiful lush valley with funky looking hills and limestone caves, people have been growing tobacco in the area for over 200 years.In…

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Koh Tao By Land: Jumping Into Jaws

By this point, you guys are probably sick of hearing me say it — yes, there is more to do on little Koh Tao than just diving and partying!I’ve long been itching to try one of their land-based adventures, both…

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Should Overhead Bin Space Be Assigned to Individual Seats?

TPG reader Peter sent me a tweet to ask about carry-on luggage:For starters, many aircraft simply don’t have enough bin space to accommodate an average piece of luggage from everyone onboard. Unless you decrease the maximum carry-on size, some people…