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Rising sea levels swallow five Pacific islands

FIVE small Pacific Islands were completely submerged underwater due to rising sea levels over the past seven decades, based on a recent study published in Environmental Research Letters.The sunken islands were part of the Solomon Islands, an archipelago of hundreds…

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Malaysia Airlines uniforms to be redesigned by Farah Khan

IN a continuous rebranding bid, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) announced yesterday a strategic partnership with major fashion brand Farah Khan to revamp the airline’s uniform design.The Malaysian fashion label will design a full range of uniforms for flight deck crew, cabin…

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5 stunning waterfalls in Asia

WATERFALLS make up some of the most amazing sights in Asia. A region of incredible natural beauty, Asia is host to a wide range of falls. Nachi Falls, JapanThe Nachi Falls and pagoda together create an image of stateliness and…

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Banksy travel guide to NYC

Banksy is a British street artist, that you’ve probably heard of. His artwork can be found all over the world including NYC. To make it simpler to find his art in the Big Apple, CheapFlights has put together this infographic,…

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6 things about being a woman

1. We do a lot of emotional labour.Part of the reason this doesn’t get talked about that much is because many women don’t identify what they do as “emotional labour”. Read through this now iconic Metafilter th “every single party…

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Corporate logos in National Parks

AMERICA’S NATIONAL PARKS WILL TURN 100 years old this August. The parks, famously called by author Wallace Stegner “America’s best idea,” have been one of the nation’s most important tools for preserving its stunning wilderness, and for providing a place…