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Rosewood Hotel Georgia: A heritage icon in Vancouver

ROSEWOOD HOTEL GEORGIA is something of a household name to say the least – a Vancouver icon where the well-heeled mingle and mix. While Rosewood is the oldest urban oasis in Vancouver, it also underwent a US$120 million makeover in…

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Tourism in North Korea still going strong despite UN sanctions

THE number of tourists traveling to North Korea is stable despite sanctions imposed by the United Nations, according to travel agencies specializing in North Korea.South Korean media also reported that tourism in North Korea’s industry has dramatically reduced prices on…

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Tourist destroys statue for a selfie

SELFIES ARE USUALLY PRETTY HARMLESS. It’s a simple and goofy way of documenting that you’ve been somewhere or done something, and most of the time, the outrage around selfies is overblown and a little bit ridiculous. At Rossio Station in…

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5 cool bars in Kuala Lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR is home to almost two million people and it’s a city that never sleeps, and always eats.Blue ElephantIf you’re in the mood for a bit of hide-and-seek, this is the place to go. The cat is out of…

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Check NYC’s food forest afloat on the Hudson

Rendering by Mary Mattingly to sidestep that ridiculous regulation, the farm-as-art-project called Swale created a lush food forest that floats down the Hudson River as a barge.It is set to dock at local piers for at least two weeks…