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What we’ve done to the oceans

At least 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are currently in the oceans and about 8 million more tons of plastic are added to them every year.This massive plastic pollution of our oceans is responsible for the deaths of millions of…

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16 things concertgoers do wrong

ANYONE STUDYING PSYCHOLOGY SHOULD HAVE an internship as a bouncer. After two years doing concert security in Portland, I’ve seen nearly as broad a cross-section of humanity as I’ve seen traveling the world. Punks, indie-rockers, dead-heads, metal-heads and country kids…

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15% Off Silvercar Rentals This Summer

Last month, Silvercar announced that it was expanding its service to two new markets — Brooklyn and Newark. And now with its 14 nationwide locations — and most likely more that are soon to come — there is even more…

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The fight over NC just got real

NORTH CAROLINA’S SO-CALLED “BATHROOM LAW” has already had received a lot of backlash. The law was signed back in March after the city of Charlotte passed a city ordnance that would prevent local businesses from discriminating against people on the…

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7 beach towns you’ve never heard of

THIS COUNTRY IS BLESSED with some incredible coast and shoreline, and lots of it — over 100,000 miles, by some counts. Within that context, the idea of the “hot spot” beach town, where you have to fight for a plot…

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Making History While Sailing into Havana

Hola from Havana! As you might have already heard, I’m on board the inaugural sailing of Fathom’s Adonia ship this week. Fathom is a new brand under the Carnival umbrella of cruise ships that focuses on meaningful, people-to-people cultural exchanges.On…