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Airbnb in trouble over drip pricing

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has thrown the book at AirBnbThe ACCC found that Airbnb failed to adequately disclose a mandatory Service Fee and also a Cleaning Fee, where applied by an accommodation host, on Search Results pages…

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Helloworld travel agent brand expands to New Zealand

The agreed consideration and anticipated effect on profit are not material. HLO CEO Elizabeth Gaines said the acquisition would support the strategic growth of HLO’s operations in New Zealand.“The intended acquisition of up to 10 retail travel stores from Air…

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TDS N. America: Are you feeling lucky for Las Vegas?

EyeforTravel’s flagship event TDS N. America (October 19-20, Bellagio Las Vegas) is now less than 4 weeks away and to build on the excitement we’re giving all 400+ confirmed attendees the chance to win $200 worth of Bellagio casino chips.All…

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Adventure Heros

The man in the two photos is Terry Lasenby. He’s 65 years old, is a builder from a town not far from mine, lives in an ordinary house, drives an ordinary car and generally blends into a crowd without being…

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First Adventure Memory

I remember the weekend very clearly, even though it was nearly 30 years ago – the weekend that changed my life. It was a walk in the mountains. Mildly interesting I hear you say, but we’ve all done that. Phil,…

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Kiwi Home Cooked Meals

Get ready for a metaphor…It takes all the right ingredients to bake a cake. Active Adventures NZ guide Ken on the BBQ Is this a really bad metaphor? I think so. But sometimes a cliché is a cliché for a…

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Guest Review About another company!

We really wanted to share this email (100% un-edited). We love all feedback and to be honest, this particular email made our day! And for the record… YES we are hoping to give you all a new Active Adventures destination…

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Travelling solo

I’ve always been an outdoors kind of guy. It’ll never change. I know in my bones that I’ll be hiking, biking and kayaking until I can no longer move. I’ll wear that as a badge of honour. The way I’ve…