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First Adventure Memory

I remember the weekend very clearly, even though it was nearly 30 years ago – the weekend that changed my life. It was a walk in the mountains. Mildly interesting I hear you say, but we’ve all done that. Phil,…

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Kiwi Home Cooked Meals

Get ready for a metaphor…It takes all the right ingredients to bake a cake. Active Adventures NZ guide Ken on the BBQ Is this a really bad metaphor? I think so. But sometimes a cliché is a cliché for a…

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Guest Review About another company!

We really wanted to share this email (100% un-edited). We love all feedback and to be honest, this particular email made our day! And for the record… YES we are hoping to give you all a new Active Adventures destination…

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Travelling solo

I’ve always been an outdoors kind of guy. It’ll never change. I know in my bones that I’ll be hiking, biking and kayaking until I can no longer move. I’ll wear that as a badge of honour. The way I’ve…

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Meet the finalists for EyeforTravel’s Startup Awards

Proving that the online travel industry is a hotbed of innovation, dozens of entrants chased the chance to pitch to the audience of judges, senior online travel entrepreneurs, investors, and travel brands at EyeforTravel’s upcoming Startup Awards 2015.The finalists, who…